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Story - FinnSurf
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Glassy waves, swaying palm trees, shorts and bikinis, a careless lifestyle somewhere exotic and warm. These are the visions that spring to mind when you dream of surfing. But what if that dream took place in Finland?

Now it's snowing and you’re covered with frost. Temperatures are already below zero without the 30 m/s wind whipping at you from across the shore. Even the seawater is close to freezing. It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s miserable. And just then, a man in a 6mm wetsuit comes charging through the storm and disappears into the roaring waves. What the…?

FinnSurf is the world’s first Finnish surf film. Told through the lives of five Finnish surfers, it’s more than a surfing documentary, it’s a story of true love and that intense, overwhelming passion we all feel for what lights our fire in the coldest of places.

FinnSurf is about leaving boredom, fear, and regrets behind in order to find tranquillity, harmony, and fulfilment. It’s about a world where life is your dream and your dream is lived every day—no matter where it takes place.